Someone’s In the Kitchen with Mama

Our Elusive Gooblin becomes slightly less elusive when there is a project or activity to be done, for he is also a Very Industrious Gooblin. Things must be in their proper place, and once they are in their proper place, they must be removed and then put back in their proper place once twenty times more. This is just how our Gooblin rolls. He has very specific ideas of how things should be, and good luck telling him otherwise, lest he look you in the eye, assert matter-of-factly, “No,”* and smile his sweetest smile (witnessing a Gooblin smile is pretty much like looking the Medusa in the eye, but instead of turning into stone, you melt into a buttery puddle of goo and rainbow sprinkles. When you wake up, you discover you are covered in Spiderman stickers and have read the same Elmo board book 4,082 times in a row).
*NOTE: Extensive study and observation of the Gooblish language seems to indicate that “No” means any number of things, from “you are incorrect” to “you may be taller than me, but I am cuter, and therefore, I am not listening to you” to “I laugh at your transparent attempt to make me [nap; eat green beans; stop pulling the dog’s tail, etc.].”

I have learned two important facts in my Gooblin research:
1.) There is no happier Gooblin than one who is left to his own devices to industriously stack, unstack, open doors, close doors, and get into trouble, all while smiling in the most distractingly enchanting fashion.
2.) There is no happier Mama than one who is able to get something done while not checking every 30 seconds to make sure said Gooblin has not shut the cat in the dishwasher.
Therefore, meet the new, patented Gooblin Kitchen!
A shelf for the books he must bring with him wherever he goes. Doors to open and shut. Various small pots and cooking tools. Cupcakes (need I say more?). A zone where Gooblins roam free and contentedly. A place where Mama can cook nearby while observing various approved Gooblin activities.
The Striped Gooblin is hard at work preparing his specialty– crayon soup.

Instead of “No,” I now hear a frequent and unmistakeable, “Cook!” (Gooblish for, “I will now whip up a meal that will cement my reputation as future Iron Chef.”). I’m thinking I might be able to domesticate this busy, wild Gooblin after all!

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