The Legend of the Elusive Gooblin

A small, elusive Gooblin lives in my house. I often attempt to capture him on film, but he is a blur of activity.

Have you ever met a Gooblin? If you see a small figure appear in your peripheral vision and hear a little giggle as he dashes away, chances are that you have indeed encountered this mythical creature.

The Legend of the Elusive Gooblin is steeped in much mystery. Folklore has it that successful capture of an authentic Gooblin (bedtime capturing does not count, as the Gooblin becomes sleepy and snuggly) will lead to wonderful things like cupcakes with pink sprinkles amazingly falling from the sky and three magical diaper changes and even an automatic burning of 5,000 calories in spite of the fact that you devoured carbs all day long. Know that I seek the cupcakes my quest is for far nobler reasons: to discover the mysterious source of the many cereal puffs I find in my purse, shoes, and low cabinets.

You see, the Gooblin in my house likes to hide things away in various places: slivered almonds from lunch and toy cars from playtime in my mixing bowl on the low shelf; books, books, and more books hidden underneath cushions and in corners; tiny Gooblin shoes in the seat compartment of his ride-on train; cereal puffs lined up neatly on the television stand. Gooblins are full of surprises, so even after they have gone to bed for the night, you may find little gifts that they left for you to discover.

The Elusive Gooblin has gone to visit his Noni and Papa tonight, and I miss his little giggle. As I tidy the house, I am finding “gifts” that he has left for me that make me smile and make me marvel at his taste in great literature. Cupcakes with pink sprinkles falling amazingly from the sky could definitely hardly make me smile more.


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